Dupree Park Nature Preserve

Located on the historic 1919 Bankhead Highway (the first transcontinental automobile highway across the U.S),

Dupree Nature Park trails offer 57 acres with two miles of trails through a maze of mesquite brush and woodlands. Bluebird houses along the trail may be in use during this time of year and when the trails are full of milkweed, they provide ample habitat for monarch butterflies and other milkweed loving insects. Woodpeckers and Yellow-billed Cuckoos may be heard within the preserve.

English Street/Little Creek Park

Near Downtown Mt. Vernon – Parking at the city park and side of road on English Street is okay.

These areas located just off the main square in downtown Mount Vernon holds a surprising variety of wildlife. The tall trees along the City Park trails and English street provide habitat for Downy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Brown Thrashers.  Sparrows, Northern Cardinals and American Robins can usually be spotted near roadside thickets. Numerous feeders and abundant wooded habitat attract a variety of birds to this area.

Important Info: Easy access and trails around Little Creek Park and across English Street.

Collier’s Chapel Cemetery

This 1871 country cemetery, located just a few miles north of Selah Ranch, is great place to spend some time in a quiet rural setting. With gently sloping hills, abundant giant white oak and hickory trees, birders can sit on benches within the cemetery and view birds from established feeding stations. Because this area is rarely travelled by humans, it’s a quiet retreat for birders and birds alike.

Important Info: Please contact the Franklin County Historical Association (FCHA) for more information about visiting this location for birding.